How it started?

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The idea for was born one lovely summer morning in June 2022 when Natalia asked Damian a question.

Could you get some data for me?

Since that day we spent countless days and nights preparing a tool that we find to have great potential to control and solve one of the biggest problems affecting developers in the current rapidly developing world. Burnout.

Our data analysis started with a simple CSV file, and evolved through a small HTML page, a simple node.js app, to be a fully scalable cloud-based application able to process simultaneously data from a large number of projects and repositories providing valuable data for developers’ performance and productivity.


Minds behind

Damian Dabrowski

Damian DÄ…browski

Co-Founder, CEO, CTO

A brain of GIT.WATCH. Highly skilled senior FullStack Developer, DevOps, Team Leader and Agile Enthusiast. During his long development journey he experienced burnnout and what is most important – he beat it. Always up to date with new technologies. Every day he figures out and fixes things which not working properly and creates better solutions.

An open-minded creator not a duplicator.


Natalia Szandecka

Co-Founder, Chief Vision Officer

A heart of GIT.WATCH. Certified and experienced Agile Leader, Scrum Master and Product Owner. She was a Team Leader of over 20 developers and a witness of a burnout. Her emotional intelligence helps to diagnose and solve such problems. Intrested in Agile methodology and its frameworks.

A creative visioner not a cliche prisoner.

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