Smart Productivity Measurement

Meet a tool to help with your performance analysis. We help software development teams conduct in-depth productivity analysis for source code repositories by providing detailed information on contributions.

Our Goal
Our Goal

Prevent Burnout
Embrace Work-Life Balance

Did you know that the phrase “to burn out” was used by Shakespeare in the 1600s?

Fast forward to 2019, the World Health Organization defined burnout as “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

So how can we prevent it?

Our focus
and everyday drive



We are currently living in a world where the approach to work is different from ever before, nowadays, many professions provide remote work without visiting the office, but when your employees push commits from Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, are they less productive or more productive than if they would do it from the office in Warsaw?



Employees are more motivated to take on duties at the workplace when they have a healthy work-life balance. A nice balance would leave them feeling rejuvenated, and because there is less tension and anxiety at work, the positive balance makes it easier for individuals to execute their tasks. That certainly leads them to increased productivity.



We know how harmful to developers can be the burnout. It takes a heavy toll both on business and more importantly, on developer’s mental health. Through the analysis of development activities in repositories, in the early stage we will be able to learn and detect similar symptoms among developers which can lead them toward burnout.


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    What you benefit

    What we give to you

    Piece for you

    Benefit for you, your teams and projects

    With us it is easy to gain an understanding of the developer’s overall activity and productivity within your project and make more informed decisions around project health.

    • Get daily reports on the health of your projects and teams, letting you focus on making great software.
    • See commits from each developer on your team and other developers in the project, contributors activity reports.
    • Find most active developers in your teams and see who should catch up.

    Easy to implement Ready to work

    How to implement

    Connect your repositories and start tracking developers' productivity

    Git.Watch provides seamless integration with all of your code repositories. Doesn’t matter where you keep your code online, Git.Watch will connect and analyze your developers’ activity immediately!

    • Easy to integrate
    • Operates in background
    • Ready to action

    Review our reports and stay aware!

    Our system constantly analyzes activities in your code repositories and prepares for you summarized reports about your teams’ and developers’ activity across all of your projects with a tip of gamification on it.

    Be aware always aware of your team’s condition.

    • Individual reports for Developers
    • Cumulative analysis and charts for teams
    • Overall information for projects

    Prices adjusted to your needs

    $5.99 /usr/mo
    • Reports over Email
    • Limit up to 10 projects
    • Project sync every 4 hours
    • Private Repositores SSH Support
    • Generate reports for Developers and Projects
    • Regular support
    $8.99 /usr/mo
    • Reports over Email and Slack
    • Unlimited projects
    • Project sync every 1 hour
    • Private Repositores SSH and HTTPS Support
    • Generate reports for Developers, Teams and Projects
    • Priority support
    • Multi emails for contributors
    • Data Export to CSV
    $11.99 /usr/mo
    • Reports over Email and Slack
    • Unlimited projects
    • Project sync every 15 minutes
    • Private Repositores SSH and HTTPS Support
    • Generate reports for Developers, Teams and Projects
    • 24/7 Support
    • Multi emails for contributors
    • Data Export to CSV and JSON
    • Prior access to the new features

    Each plan includes a 7-day free trial!


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